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Self Care and Healing

Open To Love image by Jane Edberg copyright 2018

Open To Love image by Jane Edberg copyright 2018

Here is a simple list of things to do to take care of yourself. Allow the wounded "I don't care" self” to revisit it now and again so you can keep your body and soul in check. It is easy to damage the body when we are numb, unclear and hurting. This list is a simple version. I am sure there are more comprehensive lists of things to do for self care. This list can be modified to fit your lifestyle. These are just some suggestions, in case you forgot how to take care of yourself.

Practice Personal Safety and Care

  • Pay attention

  • Be careful who you share with and stay away from irritating people

  • Surround yourself with good family and friends, love and compassion

  • Nurture yourself, and allow yourself to be nurtured

  • Don’t take any drugs unless you need to / Don’t over medicate

  • Be careful with alcohol use

  • Get out of the house as soon as you can, be with good people

  • Careful with nature and her elements (lightening for example)

  • Try not to engage in negative thinking

  • Talk to a good therapist or close family member or friend


  • Pay attention

  • Relax, or time out

  • Stay present

  • Meditate if you can

Eat Well (modify if you are vegan or have a special diet)

  • Have nutritious snacks available: carrots, cheese, nuts, fresh veggies, fruit, whole grain crackers.

  • Protein powder available for protein shakes

  • Take your vitamins (include a B complex for stress)

  • Eat at least three meals: with grains, veggies, protein, or a shake to replace a meal

  • Drink lots of water, carry a water bottle with you

  • Moderate alcohol

  • Moderate caffeine

  • Moderate sugar

Sleep Well

  • Get a sleep study done through your physician

  • Yoga helps…before bed

  • Homeopathic “Insomnia” and “Calms”

  • Meditation, breathing exercises to release mind

  • Get up and do something then go back to bed

  • Take naps / rest during the day

  • Massage and body work

  • Chamomile tea

  • Saint John’s Wort / Anti-depressants / Melatonin


  • Keep body present and fit

  • Stretch

  • Drink water

  • Do aerobics, run.

  • Yoga

  • Do outdoor hikes and garden work.

Embrace Nature

  • Walk in nature

  • Take in the elements: breathe the air, get into water (safely), make fires (safely), dig dirt, gather leaves, pull weeds…etc…

  • Watch birds and animals

  • Sleep outside

  • Collect natural things

Have Fun

  • Read a funny book, watch a funny movie

  • Play

  • Make art, music, write

  • Dance

Express Gratitude

  • Say prayers

  • Express gratitude

  • Love and be loved

  • Make an alter