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Jane Edberg

This blog is dedicated to processing grief. It stems from twenty years of creative grief exploration after the loss of my son Nanda.

“I did not expect myself to bury my face into my son's ashes, but I did. I needed to know he was not there. I chose to record the grimace of my face embossed in those grains. Photograph the impression to see what grief looks like.
- excerpt from a memoir in progress called THE FINE ART OF GRIEVING by Jane Edberg

The Fine Art of Grieving is a memoir about my art making related to the tragic loss of my son, Nanda, who died in 1998. I used creativity to connect to and express my grief, to find meaning in loss, and make art as a reminder.

I leaned in, excavated, and played with the details. I imagined, and created, compelled to explore and process my grief with a wild mind, like an animal mother who smells, tastes, touches, and repositions her lifeless offspring.  The train tracks where my son died, his ashes, his belongings, our photographs, my hair, tears, flowers, the places we shared, all became my art materials. My camera served as a tool for documentation, and self-observation.

My creative process has informed me about death, loss, and put me in touch with my new relationship to Nanda, to who I was, who we were, and who I am now.